Thursday, July 21, 2016

Where to go during Tales of the Cocktail

Jerk Corn at Compere Lapin

Plenty of people will give you ridiculously massive lists of places to go during Tales of the Cocktail.  Problem is, you only have five days.  Some of the best places you’ll go this week are the ones I probably didn’t even list.  They’re the ones you get talked into by that cute girl with tattoos.  They’re the places that seem shrouded in mystery and rock & roll.  They're the places that you feel you discovered all on your own — the next Erin Rose kind of places.

Drink a glass of water every now and then and remember - nobody will remember the wasted guy singing Bohemian Rhapsody at 4am.  Hang it up and go the fuck to sleep.

Lastly, a disclaimer: for those who will comment about how I left some place off — this is not a list of all the places there are in New Orleans.  Also this list isn't written on a napkin.  I'm working all week and couldn't be bothered.  #sorrynotsorry

Enjoy, and Happy Tales

For cocktails:
  • Latitude 29
  • Compere Lapin
  • Cure
  • Barrel Proof
  • Sylvain

For neighborhood bars:
  • Black Penny
  • Cosimos
  • Erin Rose (if you can fit in there)
  • Molly’s on Decatur
  • R Bar

For dinner:
  • Cavan
  • La Petite Grocery
  • Kenton's
  • Coquette
  • Bacchanal

For coffee:
  • Arrow Cafe
  • Spitfire Coffee
  • High Volt 
  • Church Alley
  • (Ask nicely and tip well) Coffee grog at Latitude 29

For late-night drunk food:
  • Brother’s Chicken
  • St. Lawrence
  • Backspace Bar
  • Yo Mama’s

A Cortado to-go at Arrow Cafe
The person who can send me the best place to get one of these will get a shoutout when I update this article to include this elusive New Orleans cocktail.
Steak Tartare at Cure

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