Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NOLA Dive Bars: Where One Beer Turns into Seven

Am I suggesting you go to these places?  Not really.  But yes, definitely go.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Don't order "cocktails."
2. Don't play Wagon Wheel or Freebird on the jukebox.
3. At this point in your night you have little left to prove.  Leave the shots of whisky to the bartenders and regulars.

Enjoy in mediocre health!

Also don't forget to get a sandwich from Killer PoBoys while at Erin Rose.  They go from 12-12 and their poboys are fantastic.  

**I left Snake's for last because it requires some additional advice:
1. I wouldn't show up before midnight.
2. Order Schlitz beer.
3. Think twice before going there.  Then think about it again.  (Never once have I regretted not going to Snake and Jakes.)
4.  But seriously, if you like dive bars Snakes is a must-see.  Oh and George Clooney and Anthony Bourdain  have both been there.  If it's cool enough for them it's cool enough for you.

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