Thursday, December 31, 2015

Best Late Night Food in New Orleans (Downtown)

If it's 2 AM and you're googling places to eat, chances are you don't want to read my gibberish lead-in explaining the list below.  

Side notes:

1. "All that Jazz" is an amazing sandwich.  But Verti Marte has a variety of middle school lunch-esque entrees that anybody will like - especially if it's late and you're drunk.  Also - you have to take the food to-go, and it's cash only.

2. Hoshun only delivers as far downtown as Canal Street, which is amazing if you're at the Roosevelt, and heartbreaking if you're in the FQ.

3. Yo Mama's has a great tequila selection if you're into that kind of thing.

4. To save some time googling - Hoshun closes at 2, Yo Mama's at 3, Verti Marte is 24 hrs, Cleos's is 24hrs, and Viex Carre Pizza closes between 3 & 4:30.

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