Saturday, May 9, 2015

Best Cigar Shops in New Orleans

The Logic

Smoking a cigar is a bit like playing golf.  In golf you use a metal club to hit a little white ball around in the grass for several hours.  When you smoke a cigar, you give the bartender twenty dollars and then you get a cigar -- which you proceed to burn to ash.  

When looking casually at these activities they would seem pointless.  But that would be your mistake.  A lit cigar is so much more.  

Transported, we are free to make the choice between thinking calmly or purging the mind in a kind of meditative hypnosis.  Do men really enjoy smoking cigars?  I suppose they enjoy being the kind of men who have the time to smoke them.

The Shops

New Orleans is a stylish city, and as such, fosters a rich cigar culture that exists without much fanfare.  That is, unless you are one of those people.  Where do you buy a good cigar?  Below are some of my favorites:

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