Friday, May 2, 2014

i love when you talk derby to me

If you are out and about today and tomorrow for the Kentucky Derby, we've found you some amazing spots to drink your mint julep's.  Drink them slowly, drink them well, and drink them 'till your hearts swell.  

Our good friend Abigail Gullo of SoBou bar on Chartres St. was kind enough to share her tradition for Derby Day:  

"Let us stretch out the most exciting 2 minutes in sport with some goodwill to your fellow Nola Bar keeps stuck behind the stick for Jazz Fest. 

Last year, dressed in my derby finest, I made a Julep and then ran it to the French 75 Bar who in turn made another Julep for me to run to someone else. And so on until my break was over...with a frosty Julep from Chris McMillan, the Julep master.

This year I would like to get a gang together to run juleps all over town. Lets start around 3pm at SoBou, just in time to fuel up with some Happier Hour Derby Gator Dogs and then it’s off to the Races! 4pm to watch the Race and then Run Those Juleps!

Oh and please dress the part my lovely southern Ladies and Gentlemen! Seersucker and big hats abound!"

If you're at home watching the races, here is a super dope Julep recipe courtesy of Jared Schubert of the Monkey Wrench bar in Louisville, KY:

Minimalist Julep

2 oz old Grand-dad bonded

1/2 oz simple syrup
5 mint sprigs
One large piece of ice

Place all ingredients into a mixing glass, allow to sit for one minute, add a few pieces of ice and stir to just under diluted, pour into double old fashion with large piece of ice.

Photo by Hadi Ktiri

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