Wednesday, March 5, 2014

On Lust and Vice

March 5, 2014

Dearest Coffee,

     It has been many months since I have enjoyed your well-worn attitude.  Like a leather chair in an old library, you exude class and wisdom in an effortless comfort afforded only to those who take the time to enjoy it properly. 

     I am ashamed to say that for those many months I have taken comfort in another.  This maiden of the south has taken hold of me in the fiery throes of lust.  Mate' has seduced me, and I, only knowing her in the best light, have fallen victim to her spell.  

     It seems that a particular aversion to saying her name, as well as an undying devotion to the traditions of our great nation, have led me back wholeheartedly into your comforting grace.  Coffee, I once again profess my love for you.  

     Please accept this letter of apology, and know that I mean it from the bottom of my caffeine jostled heart.  I once again long for your luxurious and sultry posture.  So it is with hopeful wish that I once again raise a styrofoam vessel to your name and profess - Coffee, you have taught me life, compassion, and mystery, and I promise that from this day forth I will embody these same values in your honor.


Hadi Ktiri

I realize this isn't written on a cocktail napkin.  Sue me.

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