Monday, February 17, 2014

Punch your hangover in the jimmy

Enjoying New Orleans the way you should often involves upwards of 8 cocktails, four courses and one jazz show.  It is the most fun you'll ever have in a bow tie or cocktail dress.  But living life at this level has a price.  That price is a hangover.  A price we all pay gladly.

First, never start your night with spirits.  Wine is a magical journey on a fresh palate.  Start with that.  Then move on to aperitifs like Campari or Sherry.  Only after dinner should you begin the booze adventure that will inevitably lead to your moral repose.

I don't believe in hangover cures. They don't exist.  I do, however, trust in hangover treatments.  Everybody has their own way.  This is mine:

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