Friday, June 28, 2013

The Muscle Car of Burgers

There are a lot of burger joints in this town, and everybody has their favorite. But I don't care what your favorite places are.  If you want a burger - that is ground beef, cheese, and a sliced bun - then you want this place...

This place is an amazing example of how fresh bread, quality cheese, and house-ground, butchered, and pattied beef can take a hamburger from, "Do you want fries with that?" to, "Wow! That was IN-credible..."

They do have a BYOL and BYOT policy (no lettuce, not tomato, and certainly no peanut butter-bacon).  That is to say we think it's fantastic the way it is;  if you don't agree, bring the extras yourself.

Simply enough, the burgers here are a bit similar to a muscle car - simple, uncomplicated, old-school, and exciting in ways you never though possible. Or am I thinking of a beautiful woman?  Either way, you need to come here.

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